Who we, at FinDoor, are

Solving a genuine practical problem created FinDoor

The first FinDoor door was created in the year 1989, when the Jaara brothers, all entrepreneurs, who were then involved with H.Jaara & Co were trying to find a door for their shop building. They could not find the right door to meet their need, so the Jaara brothers decided to make their own. The very first door they made became a hit. Many truck drivers who came to the plant were really impressed by the door, and ordered one for themselves. Word spread quickly through their home region. The door was its own salesman.

A folding door inspired entirely by the specific needs of where it would go was manufactured for each customer. The doors began to appear at an accelerating rate on shops, barns and other buildings. The FinDoor folding doors have now spread throughout Finland in a bit less than 30 years. We have diligently paid attention to the feedback and involved the customers in our product development. The culmination of it all was the emergence of the revolutionary FinDoor doors, all fine-tuned to peak performance.

Guaranteed quality

We dare to look our customer in the eye even after decades have passed. We want the customer who buys from FinDoor to be 100% certain of the quality of our product. We daily monitor the fulfillment of stringent quality criteria, continually improve our production to an ever higher level and make sure that our workers always have the best possible equipment available to them. Work, too, is more pleasant when we, too, can be sure of the quality of what we will produce and then make it happen.

Flexible service

We want to be the most flexible door supplier. Each door is tailor-made, which means we always make a job-individualizing timetable for completion in every case. Our goal is to have every project flow right from the planning to installation completion in accordance with the customer’s desires. We apply this principle of flexibility also to our personnel. Each of us is allowed to him/herself decide on their vacation calendars, but should the volume of orders so demand, each of us is willing to be flexible as well.

Honest work

We always do as we promised. We take on both the positive and challenging aspects without shirking, and deal with even the most difficult problems without delay. We also stick to openness in our dealings: the products are what was ordered, there will be no unpleasant surprises and, if and when replacement parts or follow-up services are needed, they will be fairly priced. Overpricing is not part of our way of operating.