Door choices that meet the challenging conditions

FinDoor is Canada’s biggest manufacturer of folding doors. These industrial grade doors, designed for demanding workplace environments, hold up against wear and changing weather conditions day after day without deterioration of functioning reliability. 

Scarce indeed are the challenges that FinDoor’s door experts would not know how to overcome. Each door is customized to meet the customer’s need even to include the colour. The colour and dimensions of the door and the placement of the windows are all designed specifically for each job. The sideways opening folding doors are lightweight and easy to use, even the big ones, whether operated by machines or manually.

We will be happy to help with any and all questions regarding our products and services as well as in planning the project. Our door experts and our extensive network of collaborators are always ready to roll up their sleeves!


Why FinDoor?

Manufactured in Canada

FinDoor is Canada’s biggest manufacturer of folding doors. We pride ourselves in having dealerships thats —- install the doors and make sure that they work trouble-free. In this way you can get guaranteed quality from FinDoor, designed to withstand use in Canadian working environments.

High quality products

The energy efficient folding doors withstand hard, demanding workspace conditions. They are secure, easy to use and assuredly functional, and their thermal efficiency and weather tight qualities are among the best in the marketplace. We develop on our products continually so that they will meet our customers’ needs even better.

Customized service

Work directly with our dealers to get customer service and sales in your area.  

All dealers associated with FinDoor are trained with our highest customer service expectation in mind.

Every single one of our dealers have had one on one training with our FinDoor staff.

Folding doors

Folding doors, which open sideways, have been designed to withstand tough demanding use and variable weather conditions without adversely impacting the surety of operation. You can also get the folding door equipped with opening machinery as well as with windows or completely glazed. This is an excellent choice of door for example barns, fire stations, shops or carwashes.

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