Privacy Policy

Owner of register have an obligation according to new Privacy Policy law to inform clearly the customers of their rights. This leaflet completes the information obligation.

1.Owner of register

Fin Door AB 559068-4964

Västra Strömvägen 9

79146 Falun

023-322 11

Privacy Policy equivalent contact:

Topias Jaara

Alarannantie 312

91100 ii


  1. Registered

Customers who have asked an offer. Customers who have bought a door or doors. Old customers and everyone who have left their contact details for us.

  1. Use of the personal information

Personal data are processed on the basis of registered customer relationships.

Use of personal data processing and register

Personal information are being used only for predetermined purposes which are:  

  • Management of customer relationship


  1. Personal information registered

Client register includes following infromations:

Contact details

  • Name
  • Address
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Company ID
  • Informations about bought doors / services / tender quotations
  1. Rights of the registered client or company

Client who have their details in the register have the following rights. Should the client be willing to use their rights, they have to contact register owner:

Right of inspection

Customer who have registered is able to check all saved personal information about him.

Right of changing own information.

A registered customer have right to change the information about him or add information.

The right of oppose

A registered customer have right to oppose to the processing his or her personal data.

Direct marketing ban

A registered customer have right to refuse to give his informations to direct marketing.

Information deleting ban

Registered customer have right to request the removal of his or her personal information, if the processing of his or her data is not necessary. We will handle the removal request and after that we either delete his or her information or we will give a reasoned reason why we can not delete his or her information.

Be noted that the owner of register can have right to not to remove the requested information. The owner of register have obligation to retain accounting data. Law (chapter 2, 10§) (10 years).


Withdrawal of consent

If information about registered person is based only for on consent and not, for example, customer relationship or a membership, the registered person can revoke the consent.

Registered can complain for the Data Protection Officer

A registered customer have the right to demand that we limit the processing of the controversial data until the matter is resolved

Right to complain

A registered customer have right to complain to Data Protection Officer if he feels, that we are violating the law when processing the personal data.

Data Protection Officer’s contact :

  1. Regular sources of information

Personal informations are not usually given for the marketing purposes to outside of Fin Door AB.

If we give information we give a reason why we give informations to outside of our marketing purposes.

  1. The lenght of processing

– Personal information are processed usually as long as the customer relationship remains.

– Personal informations stays in register for later reclamations.

  1. Handlers of personal information

Handlers of personal information register are Fin Door AB’s embloyees. (Mainly salesmen and management)

We outsource the processing of personal information for accounting firm and for Information technology support.

The owner of register and owner’s employees are handling personal information. We can also outsource the handling of personal information for third party, in which case we do agreement that personal information will be processed in accordance with current data protection legistation.

  1. Transferring data to abroad.

Personal information are not given to abroad.

  1. Automatic decision making and profiling

We are not using the personal data for automatic desicion making or profiling.

Ta kontakt

023-322 11

Västra Strömvägen 9
791 46 Falun

Lieksentie 11
91100 Ii, Finland