Finnish company that keeps its word

Scarce are the challenges that FinDoor’s experts wouldn't know how to solve.

HELEN is an enterprise owned by the city of Helsinki that offers its customers, among other things, electricity and remotely produced heating. Among the many properties owned by HELEN are both electricity and heat producing plants, which need many different kinds of external and internal doors – and these doors are subjected to a lot of stressing conditions. There are places where the conditions are very damp, and others where airflow velocities are high. FinDoor’s doors have always held up.

”Working with FinDoor has proven to be terrifically easy and uncomplicated. The size of the door has not been a problem, we have always received doors that fit our needs precisely. Delivery schedules have proven to be extremely reliable. In our case we always have to first remove the old door out of the way of the new one, and that leaves a gaping hole in the wall. It is important to us that the new door comes when it was promised to be there. And it always has. Their way of operating has left a clear and solid impression. What they promise they will do. Many operators have not found it possible to offer the kind of services we get from FinDoor.”

Why FinDoor?

Manufactured in Canada

FinDoor is Canada’s biggest manufacturer of folding doors. Our own installers install the doors and make sure that they work trouble-free. In this way you can get guaranteed quality from FinDoor, designed to withstand use in Canadian working environments.

High quality products

The energy efficient folding doors withstand hard, demanding workspace conditions. They are secure, easy to use and assuredly functional, and their thermal efficiency and weather tight qualities are among the best in the marketplace. We develop on our products continually so that they will meet our customers’ needs even better.

Customized service

We actively phone our customers so that we can become thoroughly familiar with all of the demands on the doors. We tailor the performance and the appearance of the door per your wishes and we deliver and install the doors promptly and flexibly per your schedule. This way you can get the precisely fitting and operating door on schedule.

The get the job done attitude

We value an honest and straightforward approach to doing our work. We firmly stand behind the quality of our products and we gladly take any feedback. We come to every job – even those difficult ones – eagerly. We fully guarantee our products. That is why all of our doors have our phone number on them – so that you can easily contact us in all cases.

Folding doors

Folding doors, which open sideways, have been designed to withstand tough demanding use and variable weather conditions without adversely impacting the surety of operation. You can also get the folding door equipped with opening machinery as well as with windows or completely glazed. This is an excellent choice of door for example barns, fire stations, shops or carwashes.

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