Are you tired of fighting with the barn doors? FINDOOR’s weathertight and easy to use folding or conventional hinged doors neither rust nor get stuck, even in the wintertime.

Service stations

A durable, presentable door for drive through carwash building. It doesn’t fail you even when used intensely. In need of service, or when accidents happen, we’ll get the door working quickly.

Industrial buildings

Even big equipment fits through these doors. The folding door is durable and trouble-free, and won’t require safety inspections. It’s easy to use with or without opening machinery.

Fire stations

Safety, reliability and ease of operation all come with the deal. FINDOOR’s folding doors are a sure and worry-free choice for fire station doors. Folding doors can also be fully glazed. 

Special applications

Our doors, customer service and maintenance plans all stand up under pressure. That is why these doors are found also in, for example, power stations, distribution centres and factories.

Manufactured in Canada

FINDOOR is Canada’s biggest manufacturer of folding doors. Our own installers install the doors and make sure that they work trouble-free. In this way you can get guaranteed quality from FinDoor, designed to withstand use in Canadian working environments.


Just give us a call – we’ll sit down with you to discuss what you need and then we’ll plan the right solution to fit your door opening.


We’ll start working as soon as the paperwork is done. We manufacture the FINDOOR doors at our fabrication plant so that the delivery will be complete quickly and flexibly.


Our installers will install the door on the agreed upon day and will check them to make sure they work with precision and not just close enough. You’ll get maintenance instructions with the doors.



You can also choose the FINDOOR Carefree Agreement, which includes inspections and maintenance visits. This makes the carefree door even more carefree.


We take care of our customers and product quality. That is why we will give you a phone call or even stop by once the door has been used awhile.

Customer experiences

Trusted partner of Tunturirakennus Inc.

Tunturirakennus Inc. is a family run construction firm from Finland, which offers services from building a little sauna-cabin to big, public sector construction projects. It has collaborated with Findoor for approximately 15 years already.

Doors that hold up against moisture and water

The FINDOOR doors installed at GoWash carwashes were custom fit for each site, and the founder and CEO of the company, Markus Jordan, has been happy with the way both doors and customer service of FinDoor’s work. 

Folding doors

Folding doors, which open sideways, have been designed to withstand tough demanding use and variable weather conditions without adversely impacting the surety of operation. You can also get the folding door equipped with opening machinery as well as with windows or completely glazed. This is an excellent choice of door for example barns, fire stations, shops or carwashes.

Fire doors

Get fire doors meeting the fire resistance classification criteria that you need at your installation. The models we offer are certified by the VTT Technical Research Laboratories. Folding doors are available with a fire resistance rating of EI30, the hinged and sliding doors all the way up to EI120. It is possible to also install door opening machinery with the fire doors!

Hinge-mounted doors

Are you looking for a weathertight, easy to use and durable entry door or double door, which will be easy to open even in the wintertime? Findoor’s dependable hinge-mounted doors are exceptionally suitable for the challenging conditions posed by, for example, agriculture or industry.

Sliding doors

A sliding door is a good choice at, for example, smaller workspace enclosing buildings that have plenty of wall distance on either side of the doorway. It is easy to use a lightweight sliding door that is built of the same durable, high quality materials as are the Findoor folding doors.

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